New Hosting Site

I Lost EVERYTHING during the transfer from my old hosting site to the new one.

I hope to have the blog back up and running soon.

Check back for updates, and thank you for your patience!

learning curve

Learning Curve

As with most things in life, there is a learning curve to put into action those things that are worth doing.

I thought throwing some words on a page, and hitting publish was simple enough.

Take learning to bend pipe as an example. Simple right? Put your bender on the pipe and practice, that’s it, or at least that is how I was introduced to pipe bending.

You need to know take-ups, angles, deductions, additions, etc.

So as far as the blog is concerned, there are a lot of backend processes I need to learn.

Thanks again for your patients. I am confident as my learning curve decreases, I’ll feel more confident in how the information I provide to you is relevant and useful.