I started my career as an electrician 43 years ago, by accident I might add. It did not take long to realize that I really enjoyed what I was doing.

I also realized that I wanted to give it my all and focus on becoming the best I could be at my job. The satisfaction when completing a task and being recognized by my bosses that the task was completed with quality and pride fueled my desire to do more, on a larger scale.

That recognition was soon rewarded with being put in charge of my own projects; with a crew.

This happened just after my first year as an electrician. Yep, at 19 years old I was in charge of an 8 person crew wiring an apartment complex in Phoenix Arizona. We completed the project on time and under budget. And “I” was in charge.

Insert inflated ego here!

I did not realize it at the time, but “I” didn’t do it. WE did it. As time passed throughout my career I found working well with other people was going to be one of the keys to my success.

My story and journey as a electrician revolve around not only the technical & business side of the electrical industry but also the human side of our industry.

I am here to help individuals in the industry to take their careers to the next level through personal & professional development!