Some  Electrical sites that my help you in your continued education:

NFPA Has a complete website with ton’s of free information which includes but not limited to, the NFPA 70 E, NFPA 79, and of course the NEC 2005 through 2011 codebook.

NEC also has a online codebook which is really useful when you’re at your computer designing  drawing’s or planning out your days.

the NFPA 70 E. is an awesome resource for work place safety. Once again lots of information on this page, but there’s also paper downloads that can help in securing the safety within your workplace. 

BIN 95 stands for online education. Although I have not downloaded and used any of their software it appears that this is the spot to go for if your student learning about PLCs, VFd’s, and other electrical troubleshooting training software.

Electrical Equipment Sales located in Glendale Arizona has a great surplus of new used and reconditioned electrical supplies, parts, service sections, disconnects and more. They offer a wide array of all electrical products required to get the job done and they ship anywhere in the world. Stop by their site check them out.

I haven’t spent much time on plant but it looks like a site that’s worth checking out if you’re in the maintenance industry.

ECM web is a super source for  information. You could spend hours and hours if not days on this website. Not that I want to stray you away from here but there is a lot of information that you could use.

Ohm’s law calculator, bookmark this on your mobile device it could save your a$$ on some of the projects that you may be working on.


I’ll continue to add more resources to this post in the meantime,

Take Control,



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