J-box Mounting Heights

J-box Mounting Heights

I forgot to mention in the video to make sure that you Mark your boxes with the addition or subtraction of the 2 inches if you Mark from a top or the bottom.

In this video, I’ll show you where to get your mounting heights for your J boxes during the rough in process, this is both an metal and wood studs, this information is for light switches, outlets, special outlet’s, washerS, dryers and all devices that you install for your electrical project.

Paying attention to your mounting heights is very important when putting boxes side-by-side that are in a straight line especially above the countertop where it will be seen, by placing the boxes in line at the same height when you trim out all your plates a matchup and it will look much nicer and people will notice notice that you actually pay attention to what you’re doing while installing these boxes.

I’ve seen over the years were people don’t pay attention and the boxes are all different heights running down her kitchen countertop and it just looks terrible, so pay attention to your heights.

Sometimes if you can’t get a good measurement off the ground you could always go to the soffit of the ceiling and make sure that it’s level and take your measurements down and just do your addition and subtraction.



Take the time and be sure it’s right.


Take Control,



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