Does Electricity Care?

Wire Colors

No,electricity does not care what color wire is but I do!!!

I see it all the time. People will redo wiring with any color they can find if they don’t have the right color on hand. Although electricity does not care what color the wire is you should for safety reasons!

In the photo the green wires are taped(marked) with colored tape. For more reasons than one this is wrong,for 0ne you are not allowed by the NEC to mark any wire smaller than a #4.


is because when the wiring is run from point A to point B there are locations that it can be mixed in with other wiring. In this case the wiring started at the homes breaker panel and passed through a j-box and ended at the time clock.

For those who know that terminals 1 & 3 are the line side of the timer will quickly realize that green wire was run for the power from the panel.

What happens is when you get into the panel or the pass through j-box you have un marked current carrying conductors. Should you need to access or use the green wire(which is hot) serious injury will occur.

Always use the proper wire color when installing electrical work.


I know who did this and why! Who? Well I not saying but why?

It was because he did not have any other color and the owner was not going to pay to have the electrician drive to the store and get the right color. Two wrongs by the electrician and the home owner.

Don’t comprise the safety of someone just to save a few bucks.


Get Your Power On!


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  1. Brandon Mona June 8, 2016 at #

    This is extremely important for all electricians. Most electrical work can seem obvious sometimes but double checking on safety should always be priority #1. The most important part of being an electrician is making sure your client is 100% safe.

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