Electrical Drawings with CorelDraw X7


Having a good software program for designing electrical drawings is essential.

Smart Draw has been my go to software for a while now but I recently began using CorelDraw X7. Corel has a much more robust user interface and drawing tools.Not knocking Smart Draw but I needed a software program that give me more control over my drawings.

The need to switch between architectural & engineering scales within a project is a snap even on a page by page basis.

Other tools I like is the ability to have complete control,easily, over all objects,text,guidelines and more. The flexibility to change attributes of these items makes life so much easier while designing.

Corel Draw X7You have the ability to create,import,export and edit symbols easily using either the symbols manager or they can be save as an object.I personally like saving as a object for the ease of editing and I feel they are easier to view while looking for a specific symbol.


 There is a learning curve

to Corel Draw X7 but with a little guidance and some practice designing with Corel you’ll be up and running in no time.

Corel offers a cad program but I like the flexibility of creating construction drawing as well using the program for graphic design. Think of it as a all in one Design Suite.

Deciding on Corel was mainly determined by the fact that with other software design programs you are limited to “electrical drawings”. With CorelDraw X7 you can have a very versital software to crate what you need with one program.


Get Your Power On!


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