Ice Cube Relays


Ice Cube Relays…


can be used for smaller load requirement. Often these are used to control contactors that will handel larger load motors,in excess of 15 amp or perhaps a three phase motor.

DPDT 120 volt coil 20 amp Ice Cube Relay

This is not the ice cube relays limitations but only a few of it’s useful applications.


Cost of these relays varies and are generally less than a contactor or motor starter.

Ice cube relays are not a substitute to a motor starter or contactor,so keep that in mind when useing relays.

In the photo above on the right is a definite purpose contactor and the one on the left is a ice cube relayThis particular relay is a double pole,double throw 120 v relay with 8 pins mounted on a 8 pin base. It is rated a 20 amps.

30 amp Electronic Overload Motor Starter


The photo in the center is a 30 amp three phase motor starter,it has a 24 volt coil and electronic over loads. These are more suited for handling a motors start up and running amps.

It also has a reset button which in the event of an overload or dropped phase the unit will trip and can be reset without replacing fuses.


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