Electrical Control Wiring

Control Wiring Introduction

Moving my way up through the electrical industry I have had the opportunity to learn,hands on, how to wire lighting and motor control cabinets.

I never did really officially learn,  ie: take any motor control classes. I just stated building control panels how I thought they should work and seeing other cabinets that were built by the pros.

Electrical Wiring

Since then the internet came about so I just started researching everything I could find on and about control cabinets and panels.

I am not and expert control panel builder but I definitely hold my on.

When I started wiring on fast food restaurants in the early 90’s I got my first taste of a manufacturers built control panel. I became hooked on this pat of the electrical industry.

Motor Control Starters

I started building my own ansul control boxes and cought on very easiley how to put toghter a electrical control panel wiring diagram.Electrical Solenoid Valves

Learning how these work has put my career to a different level. It is very interesting work and sometimes quite the challenge. Pays well too.

Take a look around the Internet and you’ll find some interesting articles,videos and photos. Maybe you might get the bug to “learn” more about Electrical Control Wiring.


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