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A Matter-of-Fact Perspective..

I believe you can learn something new every day. Some electricians think they know it all, but don’t be fooled. There is so much within this industry that no one person can know it all. I don’t.

But I learned a long time ago that if I needed to learn something I was going to do it on my own-so I did and continue to do so.


Formerly known as Sparky U Online I am now the author and creator of the Electrical Industry Network.

Known for my practical experience and somewhat “slamer” videos of bad electrical work I have,at you, the viewers request, turned my attention to helping others build their career into something more than a job. Something you can be proud of by sharing my 37+ years of work in the electrical industry.

Continued education for the electrical industry is important to you and the company you work for. There will always be a need for qualified electricians. Those with the most experience and training will be the electrical industry leaders of tomorrow.

I strongly believe in supporting others,helping them gain the edge needed to become one of the best!

I started in the electrical industry in 1979 as just a cub out cleaning trenches that were 4′ deep ,hundreds of feet long and in the Arizona 115 degree heat.First day out I was introduced to heat stroke which landed me in the hospital.

Why? Because I was determined to go out and impress my boss at any cost. My efforts did not go unrecognized by my company and was back the work the next day wrapping 1/2″ imc conduit in the shade.From that day on I have established myself as a go getter– willing to do what was needed to be done to advance in the industry so I would never have to expose myself to those conditions again!

I was only fooling myself. As I furthered my career I found out that it’s not that easy. Persisting, I continued my education, work habits & made my way to owning and operating my own Electrical Contracting Co.

Electrical Industry Network (formerly; Sparky U Online) was started with the thought of exposing bad work in the industry that was installed either by a homeowner,inexperienced electrician or perhaps just a lazy person not doing their job correctly. I started my quest many years ago with concern’s of  why people do what they do,both good and bad.I also realized that it was installed by ignorant people. The term”ignorant” means a lack of training.

The electrical industry over the years has developed into a fast paced competitive industry where employee’s are rushed day in & day out to get a project completed UNDER the time allowed. I believe that this one of many factors that contribute to the decline of  quality work installed by our employees’.

It is such a hustle bust world we live in not much time is allowed for training our employees’, because it cost employers money to train our people.Good work practice,safety,design,code knowledge & personal responsibility is put aside in a rush to get the job done quickly. Quality is sacrificed for the all mighty buck.


But it does not need to be this way. As leaders in the electrical industry we need to take the time to train our employee’s. Employees’  should also seek out ways to educate themselves if they want to increase their wages and become leaders in the electrical industry.


Get Your Power On!


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